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Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

We can have varying symptoms but the two that unites us all is pain and fatigue. This photo by a fellow sufferer, illustrates how my pain felt in 2004. Some people have all over pain and other people can say my shoulders are most painful or they have severe back pain.



This is a good description. I remember trying to play with my two young sons and all I could do was lie on the floor so I could keep an eye on them. At other time to help explain to them why Mummy was in bed yet again I used to explain to them that fibromyalgia was like 'Jumbo' sitting on the bed covers. The weight of 'Jumbo' made it too difficult to get up. It was so frustrating having to frequently ask others to help care for my boy.

Diamond real

Knowledge is power...

This is my 'Diamond Approach' for treating Fibromyalgia.

Imagine yourself like a diamond and each facet needs to be polished to improve the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.


I looked at these various areas that I needed to understand to help reduce my symptoms. For some of you it may just be a couple of facets that need adjusting and others like me it may be all of them.

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Holistic approach to reduce symptoms

This is looking at 4 sections and the various options that can be used to reduce symptoms. To use this you can prioritise which section you feel needs your attention at the moment. Then choose an option you feel you have the energy and motivation to try and have a go. Sometimes we need to tackle a few areas at once, that is why I like the Alpha-Stim as just the ear-clip part can reduce stress, improve fatigue (by increasing the time in deep sleep) and reduce all over body pain.

For more on this see my new page on my Diamond Approach

Discussion Central sensitisation 2018- activity management

Pain & Central Sensitisation

Fibromyalgia is a pain processing dysfunction. This happens subconsciously and is not your fault! This causes an AMPLIFICATION of pain messages in the Central nervous system.

The dial is up all the time, not only for pain but can also be for sound, light, vibration, temperature etc.

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Recent news

How can the Alpha-Stim help Fibromyalgia - Pain & Chronic Fatigue? 

In August 2016 the EULAR (European guidelines) published new guidelines for treating people with Fibromyalgia and it stated that non-pharmacological approaches should be considered first as so many people suffer from the side-effects of medication. Alpha-Stim is a gentle, non-invasive and a non-pharmacological treatment. Unlike some drugs, it leaves the mind alert. It uses tiny microcurrents, close to the level of electricity that naturally occurs in the body. The microcurrents produce residual and cumulative results that encourage the body’s systems to work better, such as improving circulation and helping the cells function. It helps to promote Alpha waves which lead to calm and alert feelings and these reduce the over-active ‘fight and flight response’ that increases pain and prevents restful sleep in Fibromyalgia. There are now four randomised research studies proving the Alpha-Stim can reduce the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

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Next Steps...

  • Knowledge is power..
  • Assess if changing your posture can reduce pain & fatigue, e.g. at work, in the car, doing the house work.
  • Personalised activity management.....click HERE for suggestions.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Improving sleep.......click HERE for suggestions.
  • Energy saving tips.
  • Advise on employment and Fibromyalgia.
  • Try an Alpha-Stim treatment.
  • The opportunity to hire an Alpha-Stim to try before buying with experienced advice.