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I have had pain for over 3 decades and nothing ever really helped. I tried lots of medication - most gave me migraines and the only one that took 'the edge' off was amitriptyline, but that left me so groggy and a very dry mouth, the side effects were too much in relation to the benefits. So, I have had to learn to cope with the pain, but the biggest problem was in fact the impact this had on my sleep. On a regular basis within an 8 hour sleep pattern, I would wake 10- 15 times due to my body hurting or being extremely uncomfortable . I wouldn't be awake for long, but having regular disturbed sleep was not nice!

In the summer of 2020 a friend of mine told me that she had met Linda Horncastle and was very taken with her story of how an Alpha Stim device had changed her life of pain with Fibromyalgia. I was extremely skeptical about this, as I couldn't see how a small electrical current could have that beneficial change in someone. However, for my friend's sake, I eventually decided to look into this and contact Linda. Linda has been excellent and very patient with me, with my many questions and my 'slow to understanding' of the device and its benefits. I have had to build up the level very very slowly and to my shock, I am now sleeping with only waking around 3 times as opposed to 10-15 times per night. I didn't actually believe that it could be purely down to the Alpha stim, but I had to have a 2 week break from using it and I went back to waking up too many times and more pain during the night! Once I restarted using the ear clips again, my sleep pattern improved. I said I was skeptical, but even I couldn't explain any other reason why I didn't wake so often. The only thing that had been introduced, then had a break, then introduced again was the alpha stim and it is only while using this that I have slept better and the pain during the night has subsided. I use the Alpha stim at lunch time - this gives me much more energy to cope with the afternoons, but allows me to be sleepy at night time. The overall pain I have during the day has become less and I look forward to seeing more improvements as I begin to use the probes or pads.
Cherry Gillbard

I contacted Linda regarding hiring an Alpha Stim for a trial after reading about the device but feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to start. The benefits and the evidence sounded impressive but I wanted to "try before I buy" with the support of a professional who would understand the health issues I faced.

I certainly got what i was looking for with Linda. She was very encouraging, supportive and informative - not just about the Alpha Stim but, as an experienced OT, about wider lifestyle issues that could help me. I really appreciated our weekly catch up's and the reassurance that she was there whenever I had a query or problem.

My reasons for wanting to try an Alpha Stim included several years of poor health and very low energy levels caused by a concussion injury, sensory processing issues and gut problems as well as experiencing the loss of a close family member while going through the menopause. I was also struggling with painful shoulder capsulitis and joint hypermobility. All of the above (not to mention the impact of Covid) had left me struggling with fatigue on a daily basis and feeling anxious, "flat" and far from the mentally sharp person I once was. I missed the old me and was worried that this was it, but I wasn't ready to accept that.

Linda guided me through the use of the device's ear clips (for anxiety and fatigue) as well as the probes and then the sticky patches for my painful shoulder and tight neck muscles. It took me a while to get my head around everything and to trust that the device would help me - Linda's encouragement to keep on was so important in this regard.

Five weeks on and I'm thrilled to say that my anxiety and fatigue have significantly decreased and that my brain feels like it has "switched back on" again! I also feel less overwhelmed, more creative and able again to process reasonably complex information quickly. My work doesn't require the same amount of mental effort that it used to and consequently I tire less easily although I am still careful not to overdo it. The patches worked very well for my shoulder and neck problem and I feel my work and personal relationships have got better too as a result of my mood improvement and no longer being in almost constant discomfort.

I'm looking forward to purchasing my own Alpha Stim and would encourage anyone who is struggling with their mental or physical heath in these challenging times to consider the many benefits that this amazing device can offer.
Emma O.

Hi Linda,

I hope you are keeping well.  I've just been looking back in my diary and realized that I have been using  Alpha-Stim therapy now for a year!

I have to say I am so satisfied and pleased with this amazing device, having used it daily with a total usage of  over 550 hours in the last 11 months.  My medication has significantly been reduced as a result with only around 5 mg Amitriptyline at night and my Gabapentin dosage is around 200 mg a day which is incredible.  I have also been able to reduce Tramadol.

All quite incredible especially as unfortunately I was diagnosed a few months ago with polymyalgia rheumatica so I have had the usual steroid treatment for this condition but this is now being tapered and am only on a very small dose.

Many thanks again for letting me trial Alpha-Stim which has given me so much pain relief, reduced some horrible drug related side effects I was having and brought back my 'life' and mobility again!

Best wishes
Naomi 07/08/19

I have used the Alpha-Stim M for two weeks, for severe fibromyalgia and ongoing, unrelenting depression and hopelessness. I really had given up on anything to help me, and the depression that had plagued me since my teens just would not respond to anything. The disablity I had developed due to pain, endless fatigue and mobility issues made this hopelessness run deep.
I'm not even sure how I came across the Alpha-Stim's existence, but I remember discussing it with my husband, who thought it was worth trying, as he had been having to work from home for months as I couldn't be left alone, and this was becoming difficult.
I visited Linda Horncastle in Beaconsfield, and she spent three hours with me, trying both the headset and the probes, and adjusting the settings to suit me. That night I slept deeply for the first time since I developed fibromyalgia. Very quickly, the fatigue was the first thing to lessen. Then I noticed that my movement was easier. I coud get out of chairs without help was just one thing that changed. Then the pain lessened and the overwhelming depression started to gradually lift.
I had rented the device for two weeks, and yesterday I decided that I really couldn't be without it, even for a day.
Having been let down so many times by treatments meant to help, I must admit I was a very cynical person, so there was little chance of 'placebo' effect for me. I was just too low in my spirits for anything to penetrate enough to instigate any placebo effect. Having a genetic predisposition to clinical depression, and the burden of severe fibromyalgia on top of this, I had complelely given up in every way.
It is early days, but the results so far are very real and life-changing. I have real hope for the future!
Estella 25/06/19

Following my recent email a week or so ago, I thought you'd be interested to know that I have been able to reduce my Tramadol dosage to only 50 mg per day with the occasional day when I need to take 100 mg. This is such good news! I am so pleased with the way I am benefiting generally with Alpha-Stim therapy. Over the past weekend, I was only able to fit in a one hour session for a couple of days and I really noticed I didn't sleep as well and generally more widespread pain, especially my occ. neuralgia over these two days. I definitely need the two one hour sessions each day with the ear clips.
Yes, I am very happy for you to use for your testimonials. I am amazed how much less pain and discomfort I am in. Thank you very much for your knowledge and expertise in Alpha-Stim which has been life-changing for me.

Naomi Eagle 07/11/18


Given at the Chiltern Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Group on 19th March 2018 

At our recent Fibromyalgia Support Group meeting Linda gave the best talk I’ve ever heard on the complex subject of Fibromyalgia (FM) and related conditions.   I’ve heard and read much about FM over the years I’ve been a sufferer, but Linda encapsulated all the salient points in a nutshell and still managed to provide a huge amount of detailed information.   As well as covering the likely causes, we were offered many ways of coping with and reducing the symptoms of the illness, in particular – pain.

As a sufferer herself, Linda really connected with the group and involved us thoroughly in the discussion, using many examples to explain the subject with a complimentary combination of knowledge, humour, sensitivity and compassion.

Linda’s use of analogies and imagery was spot on – making it so easy to understand what she was saying.   She provided engaging slides projected on a screen to complement her talk, and everything was backed up with comprehensive handouts, so listeners were free to concentrate on what she was saying, rather than feeling the need to make notes.

Linda is a great communicator.   I came away from the meeting feeling both informed and inspired.

Andrea Scagell            25th March 2018

"Having known Linda since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia nine years ago, I have come to realise that there are not many people around with a more detailed and up to date knowledge of this debilitating condition alongside such a dedication and passion to help improve the lives of so many of its sufferers.

Her wealth of experience as an Occupational Therapist both for the NHS and in private practice, where she has specialised in helping clients use the Alpha Stim machine, is continually evident; she gives an invaluable amount of clear, direct, research-based information and advice both to individuals and to groups, whether it be of medical personnel or to the support group she founded and ran for over thirteen years. Linda's informed understanding of other chronic illnesses such as ME/CFS, Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression has also been extremely helpful as there are so many overlapping symptoms between these conditions.

Furthermore, Linda's personal achievements, her drive and determination to conquer her own severe chronic condition and her willingness to pass on her knowledge to help others has been an inspiration to many".

Christine George 21/03/18

I have been using the Alpha Stim M for over five months now and I have already noticed some improvement to my pain levels. With Linda's support I have learnt how to tailor use of the device to treat my symptoms. In addition, by using the Alpha Stim with M function I can treat the specific point of pain in my body which has enabled me to gain some more control over my 'moving pain.' MC 25/07/17

This was part of an interesting conversation via Facebook with Dr Jonathan Kuttner a New Zealand pain consultant and author of the excellent book 'You pain free'

Me: I've had Fibromyalgia for 28 years. I've made good progress in that I was about to buy an electric wheelchair in 2004 and got well enough to return to work as a therapist after being too ill for 20 years. I've done this by using many of the techniques you mention in your book: such as pacing, diet, gentle exercise, NLP to lessen past and future worries, reducing my perfectionist tendencies etc. I also find the Alpha-stim helpful in reducing the 'fight and flight' response and improve sleep quality. I'm hoping I'll now be more successful in melting trigger points with your gentle approach and by having a better understanding of spindles and the amplification of pain messaging.

Jonathan Kuttner: Hi Linda
Well done!
Fibromyalgia is a really crappy [sorry to be technical] condition to live with and requires a consistent, multipronged approach- just as you have described. This is so impressive and you show that with knowledge and application you can get your life back. 02/06/17

PainMaster for pain from healing fractured shoulder. See this page for more details about the PainMaster: click here.

Can't tell you how much I appreciate the Pain Master, which has allowed me to go to sleep without taking any pain medication!

I love this gadget!

Alice Bagshaw 21/04/16

PAINMASTER microcurrent patches

I recently fractured my radial head.
I found the painkillers prescribed knocked me out!
It was suggested that I try a painmaster, I confess to being very sceptical. The painmaster was very easy to apply and use.
After 1hour I felt a slightly warm sensation, I stopped painkillers after 6hours, finding the pain reduced and manageable.
I wore the painmaster continuously for 48hours. I removed it feeling much better assuming the healing process was well under way.
Within a short space of time the pain returned, on went the painmaster again! After a further 48hours the pain was much better and painmaster packed away. I feel the painmaster not only managed the pain but also speeded up the healing process.
I would highly recommend it. Emma Covey 18/02/2016

A lady I helped who has Fibromyalgia

Hi …
I thought I would just update you as to my health at the moment in case this helps either yourself or others. I am feeling amazingly well with aches and pains almost entirely gone. I am off any form of pain-killer and have been for weeks. I am not really sure what has caused this but do think the Alpha Stim machine helped. I am also eating more healthily though by no means 100%, as you know my predilection for chocolate and wine I had two glasses of wine and a curry last night and feel fabulous today.

I have eliminated caffeine completely from my diet. Take Vitamin D tablets and eat brown rice and brown bread. As well as eating lots of fish, salmon and broccoli. (Broccoli at least three times a week) No butter, Benecol instead and Lactose free milk. A darker sleeping environment has also helped. I am sleeping much better and do stretching exercises including 'the monkey' as you showed me.
I am going on a walking holiday to Cornwall in a few days and have been managing to do full days at work with no little sleeps on return. As a result I am sleeping at night much better!
All in all you can put me down as a success story and I want to thank you so much. You really have changed my life!
Please pass my story on to help others as I know you will. Without your help I am sure I would still have been suffering.
Thanks so much …. ( you are a real star)
Best Wishes   G. S. 23/09/2015

I tried your methods and instructions for my back pain. I feel there is a difference. The pain still exists but not as severe. I wish the instruction booklet that came with the ALPHA STIM contained these instructions. I don’t know whether eventually there will be no back pain, if I continue. I am very grateful to you for your assistance. AR 24/07/15
I replied to A that the effects of the Alpha-Stim are cumulative and further reduction in pain is possible. My own pain continued to improve over 9 months till I reached a plateau.

After a talk given to the Bedfordshire Fibromyalgia Support Group

As a group one of our major concerns, that is discussed regularly, is difficulties with sleep; your informative presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us.  Those of us who have sleep difficulties as the primary symptom of our fibromyalgia were especially grateful for the discussions that took place, and your very thorough understanding of fibromyalgia.  Your talk also gave us a great boost and hope that our sleep can be managed without adverse effects from medication.  We found your comments regarding sleep patterns particularly pertinent. Your delivery was very engaging, and we found you to be a very effective speaker and educator.

Thank you again for an enlightening and stimulating presentation. We look forwards to seeing you again. 

Peta Reynolds 05/06/15

My son started to use the Alpha-Stim after a severe head injury after an accident. He started using it on 15th Oct when we all (3 of us) got back from 3 weeks in Canada. It was not a relaxing time with him.
However as I said he has been so much calmer and easier to be with since.

Linda Whitnall 28th November 2014

Dear Linda,
I have duly received my own Alpha-Stim – thank you for ordering it for me. It is a week since I have had a treatment and I am keen to start again. My finger has more or less retained the benefits of having used the device on an almost daily basis for a few weeks, but I am sure that it is capable of further improvement;  the joint is still slightly swollen and with a degree of residual stiffness and pain, though much less than previously. Given that my ring finger was the same size as my middle finger when first you treated it, this is a considerable achievement.
Thank you so much for your time and for your patient guidance; I found your instructions clear, comprehensive and easy to follow and managed to treat myself very effectively - the improvement I have experienced testifies to that.  As you know, I am a pianist, and having Osteo Arthritis in my hands and recurrent trigger fingers has been very troublesome for some time. The reduced pain and increased mobility I now enjoy make a huge difference to me and I am extremely grateful to you.

With renewed thanks and warm regards,
Dr Lesley Willner   MA, PhD  9th September 2014

Hi Linda To be honest with you this device has been a godsend I hardly know where to begin. Last year Rebecca missed so much college that the college tutor suggested she might like to reconsider another option for further education. When she did attend college she was exhausted, in pain and the brain fog was so bad she couldn't take anything in, revising was impossible. When she took the exams she simply had a mental block and and her grades reflected this. Reluctantly the college allowed her to redo the year and things have improved.

The transformation came when she began using the Alpha- Stim. Her physical and mental well being has dramatically improved. In terms of college she has been getting A’s and A* in her coursework. For the first time she is able to revise and take in what she is revising. She has taken three exams and she felt she did well. This device has empowered her she doesn't have such low moods it gives her the support that she needs physically and mentally and allows her to lead as near a normal life as other people. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support this device has given us back our happy smiling daughter. Recently some one said to me this device was a lot of money i don't agree it gives you quality of life which is priceless.

Kind regards Yvonne Taylor 16/05/14  Fleet, Hampshire UK

Hi Linda, I wanted to thank you again for all the help and support you gave us today. Especially in view of the fact that Rebecca (18 years old) woke up this morning feeling really depressed and barely able to move (hence I washed her hair) and by the time she finished the session with you she felt a lot better both physically and mentally well enough to spend some time with her friend. We really appreciate all your hard work and will let you know how she gets on. Thanks again. Yvonne Taylor Hampshire 8th April 2014

Dear Linda, I want to say a huge thank you for giving me the privilege of testing out the alpha-stim in a time where I felt extremely stressed and anxious and worn down. I have to say that it has helped me a lot. I feel that not only does the alpha-stim alone have the power to help lower my anxiety and stress levels, but also being given the opportunity to try this, greatly encouraged me to take some time out for myself everyday, and stop and just clear my mind. So I can't say thank you enough for that. Charlene Thompson University student 20th Jan 2014

Dear Linda, Thanks for your email. About the Alpha-Stim device:- After using it I felt better almost at once. I felt more cheerful, energetic and motivated. I didn't feel that I needed a nap in the afternoon and I stopped taking paracetamol so much in the daytime. I stopped waking up in the night and taking paracetamol then. I used the device for an hour each morning, after breakfast, to start with. Now I use it for 20mins every morning and it means that I do sit down and have a quiet time and I have found it easy to fit into my routine.

Thanks again so much. Kind regards, S.C.  29/6/13

This testimonial shows the 5 year warranty on the devices works and if there is a fault it will be replaced.

Hi Linda I have my replacement alpha stim and working well and so pleased to have it back in use. So thank you for organising. Just being without it for those 4 days, I sure noticed a difference in pain levels, it's taken until today to get everything back under reasonable control.

Many thanks Julie F. February 2013

Hi Linda, Thank you for ordering the Alpha Stim for me - it arrived today! I will package the one I hired from you and send by recorded delivery tomorrow. I am so glad my mother in law spotted the article in the newspaper which brought you and the alpha stim to my attention. I had recently just returned to work after being off for 6 weeks due to the shear exhaustion I was suffering from my fibromyalgia, and was wondering what on earth I could do to try to get back to some sort of 'normal' life. My doctor was just prescribing amitriptyline to try to help, but taking more tablets did not seem a great option. The article in the newspaper seemed hopeful. On visiting yourself you tried out the alpha stim with the probes - for specific pain areas - and I was surprised and relieved to feel it did work as my back pain did ease. This pointed to the fact the device could work for me. As my main problem was lack of sleep - waking something like 20+ times a night, I hired the alpha stim from you to see what would happen. It took a few weeks, and gradually I found the waking was greatly reduced. Getting more sleep has had a positive effect on my wellbeing. Whereas if I went shopping with my girls (I didn't like going on my own), I would become quite shaky and feel weak, and have to sit down for a while - go to a cafe if one was handy and have a drink to get myself together again. Getting upstairs at home was an effort - having to stop halfway up as my knees would seize up and I would not have the strength to get to the top in one go. Now, after using the Alpha Stim for nearly 4 months, together with the D-ribose supplement you also recommended, I feel happy to go shopping on my own, as well as with my girls, but now I can keep up with them! We went on a family holiday in August for 2 weeks and I took the device with me (wouldn’t be without it now!), and I was able to enjoy the holiday. I could join in on the trips, walking about, etc. which I was worried I would not be able to do earlier in the year. I would not say I was 100% at all, but I can get upstairs much easier now - in one go! - am back at work coping ok -walking the dogs, etc. To be able to get about as I want and as I choose is lovely. If I have a very busy, hectic day, it still takes it toll of course, and I still need to rest up, but this is no longer the norm. Thank you again for the time you spent with me my for my consultation, and all the advice you sent to me.

Yours, Jayne Johnson 14/09/12

This is just an update as I have now been using the Alpha for 4 months - I cannot express just what a transformation it has made to every day living. I am sure when you wrote your piece for the press you were just a little apprehensive about endorsing it, but as far as I am concerned it has truly worked. I have not needed acupuncture or pain relief for 3 months - yes I do still have pain but it is manageable and I pop the sticky pads on for driving or when I know what I am about to do will stimulate my pain. Have a very happy Easter - we have family arriving so I will be making sure I get plenty of rest while they are out. Kind Regards Josephine Chambers April 2012

I had been struggling with Fibromyalgia for several years and was often, for three to four months at a time, virtually bed bound with the intense pain, fatigue and dizziness. I used to watch almost enviously from my room as the old lady opposite, in her mid-nineties, walked slowly past with her stick. I wished that I, in my early forties, could walk down the road that well. Things would probably have remained that way had it not been for Linda Horncastle, whose own considerable improvement using the Alpha-Stim machine and selfless support for others in the same situation inspired me to give it a go with similarly amazing results. Christine George 30th March 2012

A testimonial from a man with Fibromyalgia, received 09/01/12

Dear Linda, Having used my ALPHA-STIM for two months I am now confident enough to report some remarkable results. As you are aware I was a bit of a 'doubting Thomas' before you put my mind at rest. I have seen improvements in my condition from day one and can now tell you that for the first time in over three years I am pain free and ...drug free. I was taking amitriptyline, tramadol, ibuprofen, co-codamol and paracetamol and coping with their side effects. I have not taken any of these drugs for the last four weeks and I am now sleeping through the night, and waking feeling rested. The last symptom of my FM to improve has been my walking, that has improved over the last two weeks, it is as though 'your treacle' has melted away. Now free of a walking stick, pain, side effects and back in the land of the living, no one but a fellow sufferer would know what relief and happiness this brings. The main reason for this message is to say thank you for your help in getting me started on the AS100, it has changed my life. Thanks again. Kind regards G W Cheshire

Another testimony today: The ear clips were marvelous this morning. Even in severe pain when I was woken in the early hours, they put me into a deeply relaxed state...Bliss! A.B. from E.Sussex 09/01/12

Dear Linda. This is just an update on my use of the Alpha-Stim. I have held off contacting you until I felt that my experience was not just remission. I have been using the sensor pads twice a day on my shoulders and mid spine plus over my sciatic nerves in my buttocks for the past month. I know that you will not be surprised (but I am, ) there has been a marked improvement in my overall pain levels. When I went this week for my weekly acupuncture, my GP confirmed that I was walking with a normal gait and when the needles were inserted there was no pain reflex. For the first time in years, I now go for several hours without pain - and when I notice it coming into my consciousness I just hook up for 20 minutes. I do not understand the science of the machine, although I understand neural pathways, and I was sceptical that this investment would work, but in the New Year I am going to try to give up the acupuncture and continue to be in control of my own pain management - hopefully maintaining this level of reduced pain. What a gift that will be. Have a very happy Christmas with your family. Kind Regards JC West Scotland

'I've not been like this with anything else I've tried, and, believe me, over the years, I've tried them all'. Margaret Robson, Regional Fibromyalgia Co-ordinator for Kent. 25/3/11 

Within days it cleared the chronic pain and identified the culprit as damage to the sciatic nerve....I am improving everyday. My consultant cannot believe how I am reducing the pain killers. I am so grateful to MICRO CURRENT, IT HAS COMPLETELY changed my life. G.G.

Chronic leg and back pain. - Once again thank you for all the time you spent with us yesterday, you were on the same wavelength as Ruth and obviously understand her problems. This has been the trouble all along as doctors just write another prescription for painkillers and tell her this is how it is! Kindest regards Angela

When I went to see Linda I was in terrible pain, suffering from an acute case of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Linda used the alpha stim machine on relevant key pressure points, sometimes I could feel a small tingling but other times nothing. When I sat with the ear clips on for an hour, I felt much calmer. I didn’t walk away from the appointment that day with no pain, but it did subside throughout the day and having suffered for many weeks with daily attacks, the following day the pain went almost completely and touch wood I have not had another attack since. CS 25/11/11

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