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Diamond real

Linda's 'Diamond Approach' to relieve pain and Fatigue

When we have had pain for some time, such as over 3 - 6 months it can affect many aspects of our lives such as: poor sleep, lower mood and less energy. Occupational therapy and Microcurrent therapy can both help these.

If for example we miss out on deep sleep this slows the body's ability to heal, this is because chemicals are released during deep sleep that repair the body. You can tell if you have missed the deep sleep and have perhaps only had light sleep if when you wake up you still feel tired.

It could be all you need to do is make some changes to your sleep routine, see my page on improving sleep. Or you could try our the Alpha-Stim it not only reduces pain, it can also improve the quality of sleep and promote alpha waves that helps us cope better with pain. Alpha waves are calm and alert feelings. Occupational therapy can help you gain a better quality of life by helping you look at these and other areas which might be increasing your symptoms. These areas can be like looking at the facets of a diamond.

Think of your body as a Diamond:

Discussion Central sensitisation 2018

​Imagine treating your symptoms are like polishing the facets of a diamond we have to look at various facets to get good symptom relief.

We need to decide which facet to start with and gradually move on to other areas that will benefit from a polish to help the light shine through.

​It's rare when one treatment can help with many of these areas at once - the Alpha-Stim can help all the following red areas.

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Discussion Central sensitisation 2018- activity management

Holistic approach

Recently I decided to add in another slide on the types of approaches that could help improve energy and lessen pain. I suggest look at the options and consider looking at one or two of the areas in greater depth. I'll be happy to chat to you to help you choose which is better for you.

Call or email Linda to find out how to...

  • Improve your sleep?
  • Learn how posture can reduce your pain?
  • Find out about more energy saving techniques?
  • How to feel more alive?
  • How to use the Alpha-Stim and Painmaster to reduce pain.
  • Learn how you can hire a device to try it out. You may only need one treatment or it might be cost effective to have your own device. You can buy a device from as little as £43.75 a month.