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Linda is an experienced therapist who can help you get more energy and less pain.

Microcurrent therapy

  • Try an Alpha-Stim treatment. The opportunity to hire an Alpha-Stim to try before buying with expert advice. From £17 a week depending on the device.
  • If you've already bought an Alpha-Stim device Linda offers an advice service of £30 per month via email, phone or video link.

Occupational Therapy

  • Knowledge is power, she can help you understand why symptoms happen and how to reduce them.
  • How changing your posture can reduce pain & fatigue, e.g. at work, in the car, doing the house work.
  • Personalised activity HERE for suggestions.
  • Relaxation techniques.
    Improving HERE for suggestions.
  • Energy saving tips.
  • Advise on employment and Fibromyalgia.



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