Introduction to the Alpha-Stim AID

girl with arms wide open and sky background (Multiple values)

The ear-clips help to improve the quality of sleep, reduce stress and / or depression and help with all over pain reduction.

If you have severe pain you may get better relief from the Alpha-Stim M please contact me for advice.

AID 123

How to use the Alpha-Stim AID

1) First wet the felt pads, I suggest use water for your first time. Then placed on the ear-lobes.

2) Switch on.

3) Then set the intensity level to a comfortable level. (Set so you feel no tingling or lightheaded sensations). I suggest call or email me for advice if you are unsure about what is the best level of intensity for you. I often find people use it too high and not for the correct timing to get the best quality of treatment.

LESS is MORE with the Alpha-Stim. A lower level can surprisingly often give better results. Be patient and if you are still unsure if it is helping you, stop for a week or two and see if your symptoms return. The effects can be very subtle.

This picture shows how the ear-clips works,  Research by Dr James Giordano:

Our bodies are driven by tiny electrical messages, and when we have pain and anxiety these messages get out of balance. The tiny current from the Alpha-Stim works to correct this. The picture shows how pain relief comes by the Alpha-Stim ear-clips to encourage inhibitory messages to go down the spinal cord, which will help reduce pain. It also stops the unwanted messages going to areas like the thalamus and amydala areas. It promotes alpha-waves which produces the calm and alert feelings.

For more information how the Alpha-Stim can help Fibromyalgia and CFS please see this page