Fibromyalgia syndrome is a collection of symptoms

There are many overlapping symptoms with ME &Chronic Fatigue.

These can include:

• Muscle pain and stiffness. For example, pain is felt more than it should be, as if the volume switch on a radio has been turned up. -The Alpha-Stim can reduce all over pain just with the ear-clips, though the probes and sticky As-trodes can help reduce pain even further. The PainMaster shown above is a microcurrent device that can reduce pain and is easy to hide under the skin.

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• Unrefreshed sleep, 

waking up and feeling as if you haven’t slept at all. - The Alpha-Stim research proves it can help with all aspects of insomnia, such as improving the time in deep sleep which is missing with those with fibromyalgia and CFS, and calming the constant activity of the mind when trying to sleep.

• Fatigue, exhaustion that can feel like you are trying to walk through treacle. - By improving the quality of sleep and increasing ATP (energy) in the cells the Alpha-Stim can give you more energy.


• Cognitive disturbance,

which is given the nickname 'fibro-fog' that can reduce the ability to concentrate. The ear-clips give a calm and alert feeling. I was so pleased and surprised when the ear-clips after 2 months totally took away my fibro fog.

headache front

• Headaches, tension and/or migraines.

- The ear-clips alone can help but often there is also the need for the probes and/or sticky AS-trodes to stop the active myofascial trigger points that are often present in the neck and shoulders.

• Sensitivities, to light, sound and allergies. - These can be reduced by the calming effect of the micro-current waves. By reducing the irritating effects or by helping the medication possibly work more effectively.


• IBS, 

irritable bowel or bladder, some of these symptoms can be a side-effect of medication. - Therefore stopping or reducing these medications will help. The Alpha-Stim has helped many client stop or reduce their medication. Also the calming effects of the micro-currents should also reduce these symptoms.


• Anxiety and depression

Some people also have clinical anxiety and/or depression. -  The Alpha-Stim has many research studies that show the ear-clips can be very effective in treating anxiety and depression.​


• Sensitive to medication

or some can build up a tolerance to medication. The Alpha-Stim treatment is gentle and subtle and very rarely do people suffer from side-effects, such as those that can arise from medication.

See the graph. It’s unique ‘Bipolar asymmetric rectangular wave form’ is designed so you don’t build up a tolerance. Therefore this makes the Alpha-Stim an ideal treatment for FMS.  I have successfully been using my device for 8 years and it still works as well as when I started.

Big brain CES


The actual cause of FMS has not yet been found. However over the past several years research has produced some insights, such as the part Central Sensitisation causes  amplified pain messages and many other strange symptoms. Most people with FMS are deprived of deep restorative sleep. Research has also identified a deficiency in Serotonin in the central nervous system coupled with a threefold increase in the neurotransmitter substance P, found in spinal fluid and which transmits pain signals. The effect is disordered sensory processing. The brain registers pain when others might experience a slight ache or stiffness. The diagram of the brain by James Giordano, Ph.D shows how the Alpha-Stim can modulate (bring back into the correct balance) these neurotransmitters by for example encouraging the production of Serotonin.


The Alpha-Stim microcurrent devices

The ear-clips used on their own should help lessen all over pain, but most importantly they should improve your quality of sleep see my page on improving sleep. The probes and sticky AS-trode patches can help reduce more severe pain, Call Linda to see which device will be better for you. The Alpha-Stim helps to length the time in ‘deep sleep’ so after a period of time using the ear-clips you should have improved quality of sleep and therefore have more energy. It has also been observed that the Alpha-Stim improves concentration levels therefore reducing and possibly eliminating ‘fibro-fog’.

The ear-clips also reduce the impulses going to the amygdala region of the brain. This is where our ‘fight and flight response’ comes from. Dr Patrick Woods in the USA explains it brilliantly. If someone without FMS is walking down the street and meets a tiger their adrenaline levels rise ready to run away or fight the tiger. When the tiger has gone their adrenaline level returns to normal. For those of us with FMS our adrenaline levels are on a constant high, Dr Woods says it’s like living in the cage with the tiger. The ear-clips should reduce this and leave you with less amplified pain reducing the effects of central sensitisation. (We get more messages from the damaged areas of our bodies than we should related to the amount of damage). Be patient, the effects are cumulative so after a few months using the device you should not need it as much.

Does this sound too good to be true?

Well I thought so. I checked to see if it was safe and then trialed a device. After I found it helped me I gave 18 members of the Chiltern  Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue group the chance to trial the Alpha-Stim. Of these 15 also improved. If you would like to see the detailed report of this study please contact me

Please contact me for advice on which device is most suitable for you and how to use the Alpha-Stim, as it is important to learn how to use the Alpha-Stim correctly to get the best results.

Find out about the special protocols I have written to help those with fibromyalgia - Pain & Chronic Fatigue.

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